11 Nov 2011

Occupy Universities

The Occupy movement is about drawing attention to system failure. (in my opinion)

So what if we occupied universities? Does anyone doubt that universities are failing to enable humans to create systems that will allow humans and species to thrive on our planet? If that's not the role and goal of a university, then let's create spaces and places that will enable humans to head for and reach this goal.

So, whilst it's certainly important to raise awareness around tuition fees and the marketisation of higher education, that doesn't go far enough.

What if students at university around the UK (the world!), launched sit-ins, demanding that they be educated about the system and how it is failing and about alternatives and how to implement them? Do the professors not have the answers? Then let's co-learn.

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea Heather.

    Jon Smith and I are launching the Parallel University.

    Instead of a vast array of doubtful programmes ours will have just one: Global Fitness.

    Instead of Degree, Master and Doctor levels, ours will be at the basic, management and leadership levels.

    Instead of taking 3+ years for a degree, 2 for masters and ?6 for Doctor, ours will take 6 months for each level.

    Instead of charging £9,000 a year, ours will charge £1,500 for the full diet of all 3 levels.

    Instead of pretending to know everything and pass on the pearls of wisdom, we will confess to being unsure of how to proceed, and seek joint enlightenment.

    Care to join?